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One of our primary goals is spreading knowledge about the hemp plant and the uses and implications it has all over the state of Texas. We work closely with lobbying and education efforts in Austin and are always looking for opportunities to spread the seeds of knowledge about hemp.

Growing the Industry

We are committed to growing the hemp industry in Texas and seek to work with as many advocates, businesses or citizens as possible to forward that goal. We know it takes a village and we hope to make our village as strong and far-reaching as hemp itself.


Wichita Falls is more to us than where our offices are. Wichita Falls is where we were born, where we met our spouses, where we had our kids, and where we built our lives. Our promise to Wichita Falls is to constantly try to give as much to this community as it has given to us.


From the Old to the New

  • The Old

  • The New

  • Why Us?

    • Responsibility.

      Because we care. We strive to serve with the highest levels of quality and care.

    • Who We Are:

      WFTHC was Founded by two husband and wife teams, Adam & Ronni Byrd and Chris & Conney Pattillo. Adam and Chris have been friends since they met at a local church in 2012. Adam and Chris have both been advocating for hemp for years, with Adam being a permanent resident of Wichita falls and Chris having worked in the industry in Oregon for the past three years. After the 2018 farm bill passing, they knew it was time to spring into action to bring this new industry to their home town.

    • Our Community:

      We fully believe this industry could bring a huge source of jobs and an economic boom to Wichita Falls, and we are committed to making that a reality. We firmly believe in ethical business practices. We believe in as little outsourcing as possible. We believe a business should center around people, and what’s in their best interest. We will never put profits over our customers, partners, or community. We believe companies owe their success to the community, and the community should be rewarded for any success the company sees. Therefore, we pledge to donate 20% of our company’s profits to the Wichita Falls community to ensure we all grow together.